Week of 7/21/2014

By | July 23, 2014

Recent progress:

  • Finished and posted Visa Från Utanmyra
  • Created my own blank tablature template
  • Arranged, learned and posted Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
  • Arranged and learned two old songs I wrote on guitar for instrumental ukulele. I’ll post them up here soon
  • Arranged and learned the adagio theme from Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto to solo ukulele (from piano sheet music) in both chord-melody and fingerstyle arrangements
  • Learned Mike Lynch’s chord-melody arrangement of Edelweiss – I like it better than my fingerstyle arrangement
  • Restored a bunch of old posts that were accidentally lost on this site

Practice plan:

  • Finish learning my fingerstyle arrangement of Clarinet Concerto
  • Learning clawhammer!
  • Still lingering from last time (I’ve been having too much fun arranging stuff):
    • Memorize the Godfather Theme as arranged by UkuleleHunt.com.
    • Learn to play Bach’s Gavotte II as arranged by John King.


  • Record video of my Clarinet Concerto arrangements and post the tabs here
  • Record video of my two old guitar songs arranged for ukulele and post here

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