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A Comparison of the K Brand Ukuleles

“K Brand” refers to the well-known Hawaiian ukulele makers. They share a few attributes that set them apart from other ukulele brands: They’re all hand-made in Hawaii. Their ukuleles are almost all made of solid Koa, the traditional Hawaiian wood used in ukuleles. They’re professional grade and pricey (roughly $1,000 and up). The big four Hawaiian ukulele makers typically included in this… Read More »

Ukulele Strings Comparison Guide

The general consensus on choosing ukulele strings is that you just have to try a bunch and see what you like. The sound and playability of a given string set is highly subjective to personal preference and differs considerably from instrument to instrument. That said, comparing strings is expensive, time-consuming and laborious. So I enjoy reading others’ impression of… Read More »

What started the first Ukulele craze in 1915

Ukuele Magazine has posted an article that excerpts a bit of John King and Jim Tranquada’s book, The Ukulele: A History. I’m about halfway through that book and am loving it – a must read for any ukulele lover. The level of detail and story telling is astonishing and results in a highly readable, but academic-grade… Read More »

How and why to memorize the songs you learn

Being able to play a tune with your eyes closed allows the half of your brain that would focus on reading the music to focus instead on playing it. Danno from Uke Song of the Month wrote a post recently about memorizing songs that reminded me of this important topic. He suggests that memorization is a useful… Read More »

String Showdown: Worth Clear vs. D’Addario Pro-Arte

Ukulele players love their strings. When I played guitar, it seemed there wasn’t much difference between steel strings. But a big range of tones is achieved with different strings on a single ukulele. The problem is, different strings sound and play different depending on the ukulele, so the only way to compare them is to try them.… Read More »