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Learn the Major Movable Chord Formations

In the previous post, we covered a strategy for learning every note of the ukulele fretboard using the chromatic scale. Knowing all those notes is useful to someone playing a melody from sheet music, but its also the foundation needed for mastering chords. If you know the notes of the fretboard and the major chord formations, you can play any chord… Read More »

Ukulele Fretboard Memorization Tool

Yesterday I wrote about the Note Identification tool at musictheory.net. That’s a great tool, but knowing the notes is only half the battle. You also have to know where to find them on the fretboard! Assuming you have some baseline knowledge, this tool drills you on every fret of the ukulele. I’ve customized the tool with the link provided to set the… Read More »

Memorize Traditional Notation for Ukulele

Learning to read sheet music at the conceptual level is not that hard, but memorizing every note takes some effort. Most ukulele music provides tabs, but many books provide the melody of a song in traditional notation only. Take the ubiquitous Daily Ukulele – if you don’t know the melody of a song in that… Read More »