Blank Ukulele Tablature Template

Here is a blank ukulele tablature template. You can print out as many as you need and pencil in your arrangements. (Scroll down for download button.)

While I have and use Guitar Pro 6, I find writing out tab by hand a lot quicker. I end up scratching it out on a blank sheet of paper and then don’t always find the time or energy to migrate that into GP6 for posting here. This template makes my hand-written arrangements a lot more readable and suitable for posting directly here, which is the plan going forward.

I’ve included what I hope are several improvements to standard tab format:

  • The ability to define sections, denoted by the “Sec” row heading, to clearly identify chorus from verse and to allow referencing them later when they repeat.
  • The ability to define subsections, denoted by the “Sub” row heading. If a song has a frequently repeated string of notes throughout (what song doesn’t), you can label it with a Sub for later reference as needed after writing it out just once. I’ve found this can make arrangements substantially shorter as written.
  • A clearly defined space to include note values (relative duration), denoted by the “Val” row heading. I put the time signature in the first “Val” row header. Then for each note/chord, I include a hand-written note that indicates the value. If you’re lazy, you can skip repeated values. I’ve never liked the weird and inconsistent note value notation used in tab, so I just write the standard notation. Wikipedia has a handy note value reference. A rest can be indicated as either a proper rest or normal note with no fret numbers beneath it.
  • Fret numbers are placed in boxes rather than over lines. There are four rows of boxes, each indicating a string. I find having the fret numbers over lines looks messy and is hard to read.

Here’s a partial example of it in use to show how these features are used (click to view in full size):


3 thoughts on “Blank Ukulele Tablature Template

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  2. Dave

    Really appreciate you providing this as a download file – I never really thought of boxing it off before and then I always found myself writing numbers directly over lines! Thanks!


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