On Keeping a Music Binder

By | May 31, 2015

music binderBack when I played guitar I went through a phase where I printed out the tabs for every song I liked and put them in a gigantic binder. I was never much of a user of tabs on the guitar and mostly just played and recorded my own original songs. But the accessibility of the ukulele has given me the patience to learn some challenging stuff via tabs and really enjoy the process. As such, I’ve accumulated a growing collection of finger style tabs. Add this to the mountain of sing-along chord sheets you get from attending ukulele meetups, which I occasionally do, and it starts to get overwhelming. It got to the point where my huge binder of music was impossible to navigate and its weight was barely accommodated by my folding music stand.

Recently I purchased a much smaller 1″ binder and organized my music into a few categories: finger style, sing-along, music my kid likes, holiday, and reference (exercises, chord charts, scales, etc). In addition to the categorization, I trimmed the contents considerably by only including songs in my active repertoire or that I am or will be soon working on (limited to 2-3 at a time). By active repertoire, I mean the songs I typically go through when practicing, or would perform if I were busking (I don’t, but that notion works for me).

Everything else got recycled. I have the digital files for anything of interest if I want or need it down the road. Doing this has made practicing a lot more productive as I can zip through songs I know/like and focus on a few songs I’m working on, without having to sift through tons of songs I’ll probably never play again or may not get to for months or years.

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