“Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” for Solo Ukulele

By | July 7, 2014

Here’s an arrangement I whipped up over the weekend. We had the remnants of a tropical storm pass through on Friday, and Saturday morning was one of those glorious, sunny, breezy, clean air days after a day of wind and rain. This song popped in my head. I thought it would work well for the uke, and it did.

The tabs are hand-written, something I’m trying out in lieu of having to fuss with Guitar Pro on the computer while holding the uke. Writing it out by hand is much easier and faster. I came up with a blank ukulele tab template for this purpose. I’d love some feedback on it.

One thought on ““Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” for Solo Ukulele

  1. Alyce LaGasse

    Lovely. Thank YOU! Your time and efforts are much appreciated.


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