“Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” for Solo Ukulele

By | July 7, 2014

Here’s an arrangement I whipped up over the weekend. We had the remnants of a tropical storm pass through on Friday, and Saturday morning was one of those glorious, sunny, breezy, clean air days after a day of wind and rain. This song popped in my head. I thought it would work well for the uke, and it did.

The tabs are hand-written, something I’m trying out in lieu of having to fuss with Guitar Pro on the computer while holding the uke. Writing it out by hand is much easier and faster. I came up with a blank ukulele tab template for this purpose. I’d love some feedback on it.

3 thoughts on ““Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” for Solo Ukulele

  1. Alyce LaGasse

    Lovely. Thank YOU! Your time and efforts are much appreciated.

  2. Melly

    Hey, I had looked at these tabs before and loved them but the link seems to have expired. Is there anyway to access it again please? And thank you!

    1. Matt Post author

      Hi Melly – what link isn’t working for you? I’m not seeing anything expired.


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