Common Ukulele Chord Forms with Alternates

By | February 24, 2015

In working towards my goal of knowing the ukulele fretboard on an intuitive level, I have been focusing on memorizing the notes of the fretboard. Once I’ve done that, it will be easy to play any chord whose form I know anywhere on the fretboard – as long as I know the chord forms and root notes for each form.

This image is a perfectly concise visualization of the most common chord forms and their alternates, with the root note of each indicated by a circle (instead of a dot). I’ll be making flashcards of these. If you know the notes on the frets and have these forms memorized, you can instantly play any chord, anywhere on the neck. How’s that for a super power?

ukulele chord form alternates

Link: Alternate Forms for Most Common Ukulele Chords

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