Aldrine Guerrero at NAMM 2015

By | February 22, 2015

Aldrine at NAMM 2015NAMM is the biggest music merchant trade show in the US, and the ukulele presence there has become a honeypot for Ukulele Underground owner Aldrine Guerrero. This year we can sit back and enjoy a huge playlist of 38 videos he produced from the event, featuring all the major ukulele companies and some you’ve probably never heard of.

View the full play list or Play them all

Aldrine asks many of the vendors the same question: Given that this latest wave of ukulele popularity, which is now going strong in its 10th year, what do they think is different this time? Most answer that it’s a combination of great players like Aldrine, web sites making it easy to learn about and learn the instrument, and the wide availability of affordable, high quality instruments.

10 years in, I’m not sure we can still call it a “craze”. The ukulele as an instrument is here to stay, in my oppinion, and is no more of a craze instrument than the guitar.

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