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Hi there, curious reader. My name is Matt Wiseley and I live near Boston, Massachusetts, USA. My day job is in web development and marketing, and building websites is another hobby of mine. I started this site back in 2013. About a year later I let it lapse and lost most of the content. Since then I’ve focused on it more regularly and have seen it grow considerably. As of this writing (June 2015) it serves 200-300 ukulele players per day.

There is no particular agenda or purpose here other than to share my enjoyment of this most excellent instrument and provide myself with a forum for my ongoing obsession with all things ukulele.

Musically, I started out on and played guitar for about 20 years before discovering the ukulele. When my daughter was a year or two old, I purchased a $30 Rogue soprano ukulele on Amazon for her to bang on. Years later, a ukulele course was offered at the UU church I attend and I showed up with the Rogue just for fun. I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed playing it and, having not played guitar much in recent years, how much it reinvigorated my interest in playing music. I’ve played almost daily since then.

I’ve upgraded instruments a few times along the way, but the old Rogue is still kicking. I recently I lowered the action and put on Aquila strings. I’m amazed how well it plays and sounds!

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4 thoughts on “Obligatory About Page

  1. William

    I saw that you have or once owned a Pona MT. Would you be kind enough to tell me about it. I am trying to decide between the Pona, Kala Acacia, or the Kala solid cedar top.
    thank you and thanks for all the uke info!

    1. Matt Post author

      Hi William – Thanks for reaching out. I’ve since sold my pono for a Martin T1K. The Pono was a great instrument but for an extra $150 or so, the Martin T1K is definitely worth the upgrade. It’s on par with instruments I’ve played that sell for three times as much. If in doubt, play the instruments you have before you and choose the one that feels and sounds best. Best of luck to you. Cheers -Matt

  2. Andy Kovacs

    Hi Matt,

    I didn’t see a contact page, so I thought I’d leave a comment. Just a quick message to let you know that I featured you in a recent article named:
    23 Ukulele Blogs You Need to Tune Into This Year.

    Here’s a link to the article:

    I’ve also made a special badge for you here:

    Feel free to download and use it anywhere you wish!

    Once again, I hope your inclusion in the list drives some new readers to your blog and I look forward to staying connected!



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