A Ukulele Chord API

By | March 30, 2016

Csus2_154Ukulele players who know what an API is can rejoice – there’s now an API for generating ukulele chord charts (and photos!).  I discovered this on the Daily API Roundup over at programmableweb.com:

Ukulele Chords is a library of ukulele chord charts in various tunings. Ukulele Chords API allows developers to query and publish ukulele chords diagrams (and/or additional infos like intervals, difficulty, etc.) on their website. We’ve added this API to the Music category.

Check out the API details and docs, along with a PHP code sample, at ukulele-chords.com/api.

I subbmitted for an API key and can now produce beautiful chord charts like this one with a simple link. Here’s an example from their page:

Example: to query Csus2 chord infos, call our API: “http://ukulele-chords.com/get?ak=your_api_key&r=C&typ=sus2”

That example produces an XML result that looks like this:

Images produced for each chord variant include:

Happy chord coding!

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