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The Ukulele: A Guide for Guitarists – Ukulele Sizes

Here’s part two of a series I’m writing – a compendium of ukulele information with the migrating guitarist in mind. Read the previous installment: Introduction For all intents and purposes, guitars come in one size. Ukuleles, on the other hand, come in four common sizes, with a couple additional outliers. Each of the four sizes is 2″ longer in scale… Read More »

Fingernails, Finger Picks and Finger Pads

I noted in my last practice plan that I intended to work with the aLaska Piks I’ve had kicking around now, largely unused, for several months. As someone who primarily finger picks the instrument, nails have been a substantial source of uncertainty and frustration. There’s a whole back story to this latest attempt, which I will… Read More »