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Kamaka 100th Anniversary Ukuleles

The Kamaka 100th Anniversary ukuleles are coming for sale online at ukes.com. And no, I’m not affiliated at all with that company – I just compulsively watch their stock. These instruments have a special 100th anniversary headstock logo. For a taste, here’s a 100th Anniversary HF-3 Tenor. Check them all out, mixed into non-100th Anniversary models,… Read More »

A Comparison of the K Brand Ukuleles

“K Brand” refers to the well-known Hawaiian ukulele makers. They share a few attributes that set them apart from other ukulele brands: They’re all hand-made in Hawaii. Their ukuleles are almost all made of solid Koa, the traditional Hawaiian wood used in ukuleles. They’re professional grade and pricey (roughly $1,000 and up). The big four Hawaiian ukulele makers typically included in this… Read More »

Ukulele Strings Comparison Guide

The general consensus on choosing ukulele strings is that you just have to try a bunch and see what you like. The sound and playability of a given string set is highly subjective to personal preference and differs considerably from instrument to instrument. That said, comparing strings is expensive, time-consuming and laborious. So I enjoy reading others’ impression of… Read More »

String Showdown: Worth Clear vs. D’Addario Pro-Arte

Ukulele players love their strings. When I played guitar, it seemed there wasn’t much difference between steel strings. But a big range of tones is achieved with different strings on a single ukulele. The problem is, different strings sound and play different depending on the ukulele, so the only way to compare them is to try them.… Read More »

The Ukulele Buyer’s Guide for Guitarists

Here’s part four of a series I’m writing – a compendium of ukulele information with the migrating guitarist in mind. If you missed it, check out the previous installment: Chords 10-15 years into this latest wave of ukulele happiness, more ukulele manufacturers have cropped up than you can shake a stick at. Prices range from $30 to well over $3,000. As a… Read More »